Our Services

Debbert Engineering provides a range of structural services to architects, building owners and facility managers serving the industrial, institutional, multi-residential and commercial business sectors. Our structural engineering services are focused in the following categories:

• Structural Design
• Building and Parking Structure Assessment and Rehabilitation
• Skate Parks, Pedestrian Bridges and Recreational Facilities
• Underground Utility Assessment and Rehabilitation

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Our Structural Design services are usually offered to Architectural Consultants acting as the prime consultant for an owner or institution. As the clients choice of building materials is influenced by many factors such as architectural design, building location, material availability and fire resistance ratings, Debbert Engineering is familiar with the design and construction processes for concrete, structural steel, timber, pre-cast concrete and composite material structures. For industrial clients, we are able to provide full design services for the complete project including design/construction drawings and specifications, tendering the project and contract administration during construction.

Our Assessment Services fall into two categories: Building Condition Assessment (BCA’s) and Investigation of Building Deterioration.

Building Condition Assessments are usually conducted for financing or building acquisition purposes. Our assessments typically include a visual review of the existing building structural elements and a written report with our findings. We provide budgetary construction cost estimates for elements requiring replacement and identify the timing of such replacements to produce a capital needs forecast. In the case of Reserve Fund Studies, we can also provide lifecycle cost analysis to determine the appropriate levels of funding required to preserve the existing building common elements.

The Investigation of Building Deterioration is usually required when an owner or facility manager identifies a problem with the building structure. These investigations are usually more detailed than a BCA and may require delamination surveys, concrete cover measurement and/or intrusive testing such as test openings, concrete core testing, x-ray or ground penetrating radar examination. Usually a preliminary visual assessment is conducted with the results presented in a written report outlining repair/replacement options and budgetary cost estimates. DEi has conducted numerous balcony condition assessments for high-rise buildings and provided rehabilitation design and contract administration services from investigation to completed restoration. We have provided these same services for the rehabilitation of numerous parking garage structures as well. Some of our more complex projects included carbon-fibre reinforcement of existing structures to increase load capacity to meet current building code or municipal requirements.

Skateparks are typically constructed of concrete and are subject to the heavy wear associated with skateboarding and our Canadian climate. The detailing and specification of the steel reinforcement, jointing and shotcreting are critical to safeguard the lifespan of these recreational structures.

DEi has produced drawings and/or specifications for new skateparks in various cities in Ontario with great success. DEi has also produced construction drawings and specifications and provided site review services for numerous Pedestrian Bridges throughout the City of London parks system. Elevated timber boardwalks and foundations for various statues and shade structures in London have also been designed by DEi.

Underground Utility Assessment and Rehabilitation is critical for local utilities to maintain their infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner, while maintaining a safe work environment. For over 10 years, DEi has provided such assessments and designed manhole and transformer vault rehabilitation and replacements for electrical utilities. Our services include confined space investigations of manholes and vaults, temporary shoring and excavation shoring designs, traffic management plans, manhole and vault patching or replacement construction drawings and specifications and construction site review. Our on-site evaluations utilize a standardized, graduated rating system to assess each structure in both absolute and relative terms. The utility can then schedule construction projects on a prioritized basis, rehabilitating or replacing those structures that have the greatest need.